Real Estate Marketing: 5 creative mailings

I had the opportunity to spend about 2 hours today with a group of Re/Max agents in Rogers. A very energetic group of entrepreneurs who were focussed on what they had to do in the current housing market.

In the marketing/brainstorming session, I encouraged them to continue to do their monthly mailings. However, I suggested that they try to position themselves a little differently in the eyes of their clients.

How? Well, I know from personal experience that any time I receive a stack of mail…what do I open first? Something that piques my curiosity. If there is an odd shaped package…or odd shaped letter…it gets my attention.

So, carrying this one step further, I brought some cheap “inserts” that could be sent inside the envelope, accompanying their letter. Here are some of the fun headlines we came up with, using things that only cost pennies each:

  • Safety Pins – “Don’t get stuck with that high interest payment.”
  • Stick matches – “This is a very hot market now for buyers.”
  • Plastic knives – “Here’s a sharp idea for home sellers.”
  • Packet of seeds – “I want to plant a quick real estate idea with you.”
  • Band Aid – “We can help you — find a great real estate deal.”

Just a few ideas to have fun with your mailings. Be creative.  Think outside the box. It positions you well in the eyes of your customers.


Chris Mitchell is the President and Founder of 25-8 Marketing, Inc, a full service advertising agency in Elk River, Minnesota. He plans and implements marketing programs for small to medium-sized businesses. Mitchell is a consultant, speaker and author and has worked with hundreds of companies. He has over 20 years of real-world advertising experience, and understands the marketing challenges of the small business owner.


7 responses to “Real Estate Marketing: 5 creative mailings

  1. Great ideas Chris…you have a great marketing mind!

  2. This is an important insight for the real estate marketing. I consider author as very creative, I’m glad we have some good ones on our team as well. I always tried to implement inovative and out-of-ordinary marketing techniques in our company’s business. I’ve been working for Toronto real estate agency for several years. I’m not a strategic decission maker. However I tried to establish and maintain the clear communication with our present and future clients via complex, updated web sites or with creative newspaper, billboard and radio campaigns. After all, it is a relevant message clothed in catchy line that makes you different!

  3. This is totally sweet! I’m going to seriously have to think of something that I can use like this! Thanks!!

  4. We’ve done some here:
    Cheap winner’s ribbons – “The client is always No. 1 in our eyes!”
    Snack size popcorn bags – “We have poppin fresh ideas to get your home sold!”

    My team leader did a little bundle of hay with a plastic needle in it, with a string to her business card, so they pulled the needle out by her card. Her note read something about finding a great home was like finding a needle in a haystack or some such.

  5. 258marketing

    I appreciate the feedback Chuck…thank you.

  6. 258marketing

    Hi Angi – glad you enjoyed some of these ideas. Just be creative…it positions you well in the eyes of your customers.

  7. 258marketing

    Terrific ideas Sheree, thanks for sharing!

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