Origin of “25-8 Marketing”

There is a short story here. It was a summer afternoon in 2001.

I had been commuting back and forth from Elk River to St. Paul for three years, and was growing weary from the long drives. It seemed to be 45 minutes in the morning, and about an hour during the afternoon traffic rush. I was stuck on I-94 at a dead standstill, in the heat of the bumper-to-bumper traffic jam.

Then I noticed this Chevy billboard:

At that moment, a lightbulb went off:

Marketing is a 24-7-365 effort. In fact…it’s more than that. It encompasses everything a business owner does to acquire and maintain customers. If I start my own advertising agency, I need to call it 25-8 Marketing.

I continued that commute for two more years, until October 1, 2003. It was on that day I chose to leave the “corporate” advertising world behind after nearly 20 years, and 25-8 Marketing, Inc. was born.

All thanks to that Chevy billboard.


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